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On Saturday's it will be impossible to use the pool, due to private parties, and depending which manager is on duty, the pool may close at 6pm, only leaving the upstairs facilities until 7:45pm, when you have to get ready to leave. Some of us can only use the pool at weekends, due to work commitments.

The Jacuzzi is out of order every month, with excuses about the pump and waiting for parts, or there will be some other excuse.

I try to use the pool even week, but I cannot recommend the pool to anybody, due to the number of problems (although I would like to be in the position, where I can recommend it in confidence that everything will work).   14-02-16


I use the Riverside Swimming pool most days of the week, but the pool is very cold now, with no improvement over the last 3 weeks.
I believe it could be a serious health risk. When I swam a couple of days ago, it felt like I was hyperventilating for the first 5 lengths, and I started to feel dizzy. This badly affected my breathing, and took about 10 lengths to adjust to the cold water.
I believe swimming should be enjoyable, but at the moment it feels like torture.
When the pool is working properly, it's a nice place to swim, and use the steam facilities. Sadly, I believe it's time to use a different swimming pool, until the problems are fixed, which looks very unlikely any time soon.
I have tried over pools this week, which put the joy back into swimming.
Perhaps if everybody left the pool for one month, then the heating will would be fixed.   01-11-14


I recently joined the Riverside, and enjoyed the facilities until today 14/10/14. The swimming pool is really cold today, making swimming unpleasant. I am hoping this will only be temporary problem, and not a cost cutting exercise.   15-10-14