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My darling old friend used to volunteer here before she passed away and I would love to see her at work. This is a wonderful Cathedral. Sadly very expensive to run she did tell me, which most simple people do not understand. We are very lucky to have such a place in our city and it is our duty to maintain such a place. It is a place of peace and faith, calm and majesty. Take a walk around, you will not regret it.    30-06-12


I am afraid I am copying the review before me when I saw "Superb". As I think that puts it nicely.
I was on another site reviewing today and I think I have the hang of this now.
Cranbrook, well what can I say, they are a family to me. Always kind and sweet. Always a smile and a gentle stroke for my boys and girls. (my dogs) I always see Mr Vogt but the other Vets are lovely too and very friendly, but I just like to see the way Mr Vogt treats the animals, so good with them, they have a real chat. It's quite a site to see really. He has a Dr Doolittle quality about him. (I hope he doesn't mind me saying that, although I think he finds me rather amusing so I am sure he will like that.)Jolly good people and as I have said on more than one occasion, they have big hearts.   30-06-12


I had never had Tapas before until I came here with my Bridge club...we were rather impressed and had a lovely time.
Lovely staff. Very interesting food.   30-06-12