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We had a pressure problem on our hot water supplies which had got increasingly worse over time. Showers were not as pleasurable as they had been! Would start off at a pressure and then would ramp down after about 15 seconds. We have an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder on which it turned out that an inbuilt strainer/filter had clogged up over time and needed replacement. Hamish got stuck in and we now have ‘power showers’ again and with the added benefit of increased pressure on all our cold taps. Hamish kept us well posted as to arrival times and was very proficient. Thoroughly recommended!   06-03-19


It was a real pleasure having Hamish sort a number of niggling little jobs that had been accumulating for a while. His website gives all the information that you will need including full details on his labour charges and usefully a list of ‘pricing guide by job type’. He arrived when he said he would and quietly got on with the tasks in hand. Thoroughly recommended.    01-11-17