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Having wasted two months on this shambolic ‘company’ I am reluctant to waste more time on them however I feel it is my duty to post a brief review of their work and my experience because I would hate to think others could be duped into employing them. Quite simply a two week job which was essentially a bathroom rip out and install where all product was sourced for them took two months to reach 60% completion. It would have continued for a minimum of two more weeks if i had not pulled the plug and cancelled their employment. Having been polite, supportive and having done all I could to help them complete the work (which included labouring on the job myself) I simply could not listen to their lies, excuses and poor workmanship any longer. A snap shot of my experience is as follows: - Constant requests for interim payments even when work had not progressed and the team had barely moved the job forwards. - Poor workmanship and unqualified staff. - No respect for my house where they left piles of rubbish in my front garden for well a month and a half (I had to pay another company to remove the waste!) - Damaging the products that had been installed. - No project management where they leave their subcontracted staff to complete the works themselves where they are not qualified to do so. - Constantly defending their poor performance and zero customer service or responsibility for their awful work. Quite simply, DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY, AWFUL, AWFUL AWFUL.

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