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Exeter Project Management? Complete Project Management? CPM General Builders? What are we calling ourselves today then?! Make sure you check out (all) the Companies House and publicly available records for this company and its previous guises as they appear to rename themselves after folding and reappear with a slight variation of that name at a later date. If you value your property, your money and your health then I would avoid this company at all costs. Their quality of work is appalling, their respect for your property is non existent and their interest in your project will dwindle dramatically once you start paying them. They want you to pay for your project on a weekly basis and from my experience you get very little return. Untrained and unskilled staff all chip in and do anything and everything, resulting in very poor end results as you can imagine. If you ring up any respectable tradesman in and around Exeter. mention this companies name and you will be in with a good chance of hearing about how bad this lot are and how they owe them money in most cases as well. The material purchasing appears to only happen through and with approval from the Director, so don't expect your hard earned money to be reinvested into your project as and when its needed. The address listed on this page and on their website is false as well, they are based out at the Merlin Business Park at the Airport. Google Maps appears to have another false address for their location. What's with the smoke and mirrors?! If I could give you one piece of advice, it would simply be to not even consider this company. You will regret employing them very very quickly. If I could award zero (or even negative!) stars I would. PS - take all the reviews you read on any website or platform which include the phase "they done" with a huge pinch of salt. All these reviewers have only ever reviewed on these platforms once, they all use the same language, what a coincidence...!

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