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Summary: OK but not great We recently got Duncan to come and refit our small bathroom. The initial meeting was great, and Duncan gave us a clear design of how the bathroom would be fitted. He arranged an electrician and for all waste to be removed. He was a little more expensive than the others, but we went with him because we thought this meant he would pay attention to the details that really set off a room, and we thought this meant he would do a great job. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The bathroom does look good, and when you first walk in there is a definite wow factor. However, this is due to our choice of natural stone tiles, and if you look closely at some of the details the finish is definitely lacking. The sealant used around the edges isn’t smooth in places and areas look rushed; the tiling and sealant around the door has a lot to be desired; the underfloor heating switch is in the wrong place because ‘the wire had been cut too short’; tiles have grout on them still; pencil marks are clearly visible in one area (and now sealed onto) the natural stone tiles. There is a hole in the wall in the airing cupboard that has not been filled. We thought the higher price we paid meant these types of mistakes would be avoided. We've contacted Duncan three times to come back and resolve issues, some of which arose because the job was rushed. I spoke to Duncan about the issues, and he said someone would be back to sort them whilst we were away. Although someone has been, some are still not sorted. To summarise, the job is OK, but we cannot recommend him. We have a kitchen and bathroom still to have renovated, and we will not use him again.

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