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The facilities are ok, need more equipment in the gym and the studio and the whole place needs to be repaired, there is no excuse for all the broken lockers. The main problem is the staff and their attitude but it is difficult to give good customer service when staff morale is so low. If you want to visit the gym you need to go at the weekend when it has been cleaned and the paper towels have been replenished, go any other time and there will be no loo roll and nothing to wipe the machines down with and most of the staff are too busy chatting to care. Go on a Wednesday night and there only seems to be 1 guy working and he is rushed off his feet. want to do a class and you have to book, however the online system is shocking and does not work and if you try and phone it just does not get answered. I do feel for the receptionists as they have an awful lot to do and this booking system has just added to their workload. They have a computer system which is too long winded and now have to deal with all the queries and complaints as long as taking cash and dealing with the football in the evenings and now bookings for classes as well as memberships as the membership guy is nowhere to be seen. There used to be membership advisors available all the time but I have not seen him for months which actually is a blessing a he is obnoxious and rude and lacking in any customer service skills but his inadequacy just heaps more work onto the receptionists. Even when you have booked for a pump class there is frequently not enough equipment and what there is is falling apart with the cement leaking out of the weights and not enough of some. Frequently you slip on the cement on the floor and if it trickles into your eye during the chest track it bloody hurts. Stephen Hughes was supposedly looking into this matter last summer but nothing has improved and it is a Health and Safety nightmare. Working for minimum wage and being threatened with a disciplinary every day does not build morale and when morale is so low the first thing that suffers is customer service. It would be easy to turn this centre around, treat people like human beings, performance related pay, employee of the month, sorting out the problems so that customers are not complaining all the time would be a good start. I could list half a dozen excellent staff who really care about the clients and do everything possible to make the Riverside experience a pleasant one but I feel these are the ones that will leave as they are capable of getting jobs elsewhere and then Riverside will be left with the bad ones!   17-02-13


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